Fero Industries, Inc. Web Privacy Policy


PharmaRoth Labs, Inc. has created this security and privacy statement in order to demonstrate and communicate its commitment to the privacy of the users of PharmaRoth’s website and to conducting business with the highest ethical standards and appropriate internal controls. The following discloses PharmaRoth's information gathering and dissemination policies for PharmaRoth's website.

Collection and Dissemination of Personal Information


PharmaRoth's website may receive and maintain information such as user name, email address, telephone number and other personal information only when such information is personally submitted by users through an optional request form such as the request for more information form. These forms and the information provided within the form allow users to make specific inquiries or requests of PharmaRoth or provide PharmaRoth with feedback on its website or services. Information gathered via this site is not shared with third parties unless the involved individual requests such sharing or unless disclosure is required by law. PharmaRoth does not sell personal information to third parties for commercial purposes.


PharmaRoth's website does not capture information regarding the specific activities of any particular user. They do, however, produce reports that allow us to view activity in anonymous aggregated form. PharmaRoth does not use JavaScript, cookies, web bugs, or any other active content mechanism to capture or maintain information about users without the user's prior consent and the purpose of maintaining this information is solely to improve the user experience in working on our site. The only personal information we capture has been specifically submitted to us through an optional form.


PharmaRoth reserves the right to disclose user information in special circumstances, where PharmaRoth believes that the disclosure of such information is necessary to identify or contact someone who may be interfering with or violating PharmaRoth 's rights or property or other users or to protect or enforce PharmaRoth's rights or obligations. PharmaRoth may also disclose user information when such disclosure is required by law or regulation.

IP Addresses

PharmaRoth's website log IP addresses and browser types for administrative purposes. PharmaRoth reviews such logs in order to improve the content and functionality of the website. PharmaRoth may also use such logs to identify or contact someone who may be interfering with or violating PharmaRoth's rights or property or other users or to protect or enforce PharmaRoth's rights or obligations.

Third Party Links

PharmaRoth's website may contain links to other site, some of which are not owned by PharmaRoth. PharmaRoth is not responsible for the security or privacy practices of non- PharmaRoth sites, the products or services offered by such site, or the content appearing at such site. Likewise, PharmaRoth does not endorse any of the products or services marketed at non- PharmaRoth sites.


PharmaRoth prohibits the framing of any materials available through the PharmaRoth 's website and unauthorized hypertext links to PharmaRoth 's website. PharmaRoth reserves the right to disconnect or otherwise disable any unauthorized frames or hypertext links.


Information Security

PharmaRoth's website is protected with a variety of security measures such as change control procedures, passwords, and physical access controls. PharmaRoth also employs a variety of other mechanisms to protect a user's data from being lost, misused, or altered inappropriately. These controls include data confidentiality policies and regular database backups. Although PharmaRoth takes these measures to safeguard against unauthorized use of a user's data, PharmaRoth cannot control Internet transmissions and cannot provide assurances that personal information transmitted to PharmaRoth will never be compromised.

Policy Changes

PharmaRoth reserves the right to modify or update this Privacy Policy or other terms and conditions of use of PharmaRoth 's website(s) at any time by updating the relevant link. Any modifications or updates shall be effective upon posting to the PharmaRoth 's website(s).

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