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PharmaRoth Labs Inc. is focused on diabetes prevention and treatments. The Company holds the intellectual property and other exclusive world-wide rights related to the production, marketing, and distribution of Sucanon®, a oral treatment for Type II diabetes.

Sucanon® is a member of a class of diabetic medications called insulin sensitizers. Insulin sensitizers lower blood sugar by increasing the muscle, fat and liver’s sensitivity to insulin. Insulin sensitizers are blood sugar normalizing or euglycemic drugs that help return the blood sugar to the normal range without the risk of low blood sugars.

Unlike pharmaceutical anti-diabetes medications which carry a risk of serious cardiovascular risks and potential liver damage, Sucanon® is an herbal-based nutraceutical treatment for Type-2 diabetes. Growth of the nutraceutical market has been dramatic in the last decade, with nearly two-thirds of the American population taking at least one type of nutraceutical health product. The global nutraceuticals product market is expected to reach $204.8 billion by 2017. Over 30% of diabetes patients in the United States now use "Complimentary and Alternative Medicine", which includes nutraceutical products, to manage their health.

Pharmaroth Labs, Inc.’s securities are traded on the OTC Market under the ticker symbol ROTH.


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